Repair Service & Parts

DON'T TOSS AWAY THAT HEATCUTTER! We carry a full assortment of replacement parts for all of our synthetic fabric cutters, polystyrene cutters and soldering guns. We can obtain parts for older models of the larger units such as the older HSG-03 and HSG-3VW as well! We offer on-site repair services with minimal turnaround time.

 Here at HSGM we stand behind our products and take pride in the fact that our units are not throw away units. As stated on our home page, a lot of our customers have been using HSGM products for years. We receive units in for repair that customers have been using since the early 1990's. After replacing a few normal wear and tear parts, the units are ready for more years of operation.


HSGM, Inc. Repair Service

  • $95.00 Flat Fee HSG-0 Refurbishment
  • $110.00 Flat Fee Refurbishment for HSG-0’s with Kevlar Cord

Please call for repair pricing for Polystyrene Cutters and Soldering Guns. The flat fee refurbishment covers all damaged/defective parts except the transformer. If the transformer is bad, the customer will be contacted and advised to consider purchasing a new HSG-0. The transformer is not the problem 99% of the time. New HSG-0’s (P/N H/100, 110V/70W) list for $134.99 each.

  • $65 per Hour + Parts

The customer will be contacted if the price is expected to exceed over half the price of a new unit of the same model. Also, there is a one-hour labor charge for estimates that will be dropped if the unit is repaired.

All new units have a one year warranty against manufacture defects and repairs have a 30-day warranty after the repair is performed. For HSGM, Inc. to consider a unit to be under warranty, the customer must present a copy of the invoice of the unit in question. Then the unit will be evaluated to see if it qualifies for a warranty repair. Any abuse voids warranty repairs.

When sending HSGM, Inc. repairs; please include your contact information and a brief description of the problem the unit is having. Do not include the blade unless the blade is stuck in the unit and will have to be destroyed to repair the unit. If repairs are not backed up, there is usually a 1 to 2 business day turn around. Shipping and handling is the customer’s responsibility on all repairs, including warranty repairs

Send Repairs To:

HSGM, Inc.
Attn: Repair Service
1865 E. Main St., Ste. E1
Duncan, SC 29334

Here is what one customer said about our repair service:

I got my heat cutter back today, after sending it to you to have it "rebuilt". I wanted to send a quick note to say thanks, I am very impressed with the results. It looks and performs like a brand new tool, for half the price. Thanks for the professional quality, quick turn around, and friendly service. It's been a pleasure doing business with you, and I will be sure to recommend your service and products to my peers in the industry."

Keith Purves, Riverside Covers


Test Cut Service

If you would like to see the results of our products being used with your material, send us a small sample and we would be glad to do a test cut, recommend the correct unit and blade, and send the material back to you for your inspection. When sending a small sample please provide your contact information, MSDS sheet for the material(s), and special cutting directions. Send the sample material to (Synthetic Materials Only):

HSGM, Inc.

Attn: Test Cut Dept.

1865 E. Main St., Ste. E1

Duncan, SC 29334 USA

Note: We return small portions of test cut material via FedEx Ground. If the customer needs a faster turnaround, please include a FedEx collect account number for other FedEx services.