About Us

About Us


We are the daughter company of HSGM GmbH, the manufacturer of the heatcutting product line, and we are located in Duncan, South Carolina. We are the only authorized agent for HSGM in North America. Our opening in January of 1998 was a direct result of customers experiencing problems and our desire to find a solution. Problems included no direct line to the manufacturer for questions or new product information. no place to send repairs even for items under warranty, and no technical support for special customer needs or when a problem existed with our equipment. It is our hope that by working directly with customers such as yourself, not only can we solve problems in an expedient manner, but also partner with our customers to provide them the exact equipment needed to keep them on the competitive edge in their particular industry.

We are a full-service sales office/warehouse located in South Carolina. We offer our customers assistance with problems, machine design, and custom blades. As our entire product line is customer driven, we always welcome ideas and suggestions from those using our products. We have a repair technician on staff and all replacement parts used in repairs are genuine HSGM parts. We also stock these parts for customers doing their own repairs. We honor Warranties on those items bought directly from HSGM, Inc. or one of our authorized resellers.

Our Mission Statement

Work with the customer … Listen to their needs … Provide the heatcutting equipment needed to give the customer a competitive edge in their industry.

Your Key Contacts

Information: [email protected]

Telephone: toll-free 888-854-HSGM(4746) or 864-486-8300 Fax: 864-486-8383

Our History

HSGM GmbH of Walluf, Germany, world recognized manufacturer of heatcutting equipment and machines, announced the opening of their first company, HSGM Inc., in the United States as of January 1998. The offices are located at Hwy. 290 in Duncan, S.C.(USA) and consist of both a sales office and a warehouse/distribution center. We carry a full line of heatcutting equipment, blades, and spare parts for the textile, automotive, agricultural, geotextile, marine, garment and sports equipment industries. Additionally, we offer heatcutting equipment for styrofoam boards used in the building construction trade and small rechargeable soldering guns for use by the electrical and electronics trade. HSGM, Inc. is the exclusive authorized Agent for North America.

HSGM Germany

HSGM GmbH is an independent company within the larger Engel Group of companies in Germany. The first Engel company, Ing. Erich & Fred Engel Electrotechnical Factory, was founded in Wiesbaden in 1923, with the first heatcutter being brought on the market in 1955 by Mr. Fred Engel. Thereafter, appropriate to the requirements that arose both in the industry and in the manufacture of ready-to-wear clothes, further development of devices and cutting tips ensued. Then, as now, the ideas and suggestions for improvements and new devices come directly from customers. In 1970 the first large machines for longitudinal and cross-directional cutting were developed. In 1974 an automatic cutting machine for ropes and belting was developed and in 1977, form-cutting machines were developed for suppliers and customers in the automotive industry. Today, the broad manufacturing basis of the Engel Group companies includes the areas of electric motors, transformers, soldering guns, and heatcutting equipment and machines.

HSGM GmbH, started in 1977 as Engel Heatcutting Equipment & Machines, GmbH., was a partnership between Mr. Fred Engel and Mr. Erich Herrmann. The company grew quickly during the continual expansion and development of products. In 1986 a move was made to Walluf, Germany into a new building in order to accommodate the demand for larger production quarters. In 1989, the name was changed to the present Heat Cutting Equipment & Machines, GmbH. (HSGM GmbH). Many of the parts in the HSGM GmbH product line are manufactured within the Engel Group and the remainder by two outside firms.