Did You Know?

You can cut piglet tails!

Midwest farmers... you're gonna love this one...Our Type S blade (H-210) combined with a specially designed cutting shackle (H-610) is designed specifically to cut and cauterize piglet tails quickly and easily prior to shipping to feeder houses...the fastest, least painful and most hygenic method available.

Rope Tricks & Tips

Are you an outdoor enthusiast...a rock climber...do you rappel down mountain faces? Did you know that you can taper the ends of your ropes with our equipment, thus making it easier and faster to thread the rope through the various equipment that you use? Call us at 888-854-4746 for more information.

Make a foam statue

Our Polystyrene Cutters cut foam boards/blocks from 1.968 inches thick to 7.1 inches thick. We also offer blades to create grooves in the boards (for wiring). Excellent for construction businesses, home remodeling businesses, foam insulation businesses and shipping & receiving departments.

These hot knives are used in artistic endeavors such as public & church stage sets, puppet show sets, parade floats and wherever creativity is needed. Sign shops and window display designers love these. "This is fun...like cutting through air!" says one customer.

Tips & Tricks

The idea behind using heatcutters, unlike cutting with a sharp tool, is "like a hot knife through butter." No forceful pressure is needed, simply guide the blade smoothly and evenly.

Cutting on a glass surface allows more of the heat to be used in the cutting process. Glass surfaces do not absorb the heat, unlike other surfaces such as wood and metal.