Custom Equipment & Machines

Not only do we produce our standard tools, we also specialize in producing custom built equipment and full production machines. Our engineers in Germany have produced all types of custom built heat cutting equipment and machines that have cut production time and labor cost for many companies worldwide. They work with state of the art designing software that allows our engineers to create 3D visual images of machines that are fully functional before the first bolt or washer is ordered. They spend countless hours designing and assembling each machine with precision and efficiency being their first priorities.

We would like to help your company stay competitive with a custom machine or a custom component for your existing machine that will help your company increase quality and productivity while keeping cost down. So please feel free to call us at 888-854-4746 or e-mail us at [email protected] for more information. We would like to hear about your application and walk you through the steps to receive a quotation.

Some of the machines we can produce are:

Longitudinal Therm Cutting Machines (Slitter Machines)
  • Fully automatic machine or custom retrofit blades, blade holders, and a power source to an existing machine.
  • 1 or multiple cuts
Rope and Belt Cutting Machines (Automatic or Semi-Automatic)
  • Shaped cuts.
  • Perforation cuts.
  • Multiple cuts are possible below definite premise.
  • Blades up to 150mm belt width.
  • With pull-off and dancer roll for elastic materials.
  • Console for machine - height can be selected.
  • Pressing device.
  • Swivel device for alternative right/diagonal with adjustable cutting-angle.
  • Marking device.
  • Printing device.
  • Coiling if required.
  • Uncoiling if required.
  • Plaiting device.
Cross Directional Therm Cutting Machines
Thermal Shape-Cutting Machines
Polystyrene Cutting Machines
Plastic Cutting Machines (Depending on the application, thickness, & type of plastic.)
Rubber Cutting Machines (Depending on the application & thickness)