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HSGM HS-S-V Blade H/271


HSGM HS-S-V Blade - (SKU: H/271)The HS-S-V blade is another blade that is ideal for making long cuts off of a roll of material or any cut where a cutting surface is not important (e.g. Geotextile material installation). The HS-S-V blade is also know for being used for cutting ropes and cords and also piglet tails. 

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Recommended units to power this blade:
  • HSG-0
  • HSG-1-VW
  • HSG-03-VW
  • HSG-3-VW

Total length of blade: 75mm (2.95")

Width of inside "V" area: 18mm (0.70")

Blade tip thickness: 1mm with no beveled edge

Max. blade tip temperature: 1100º F

Made in Germany

Important Note: We do not recommend cutting any type of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PVC coated materials with HSGM equipment because of the dangerous fumes it releases. We do recommend wearing a breathing filter mask while cutting any type of material with HSGM equipment. Also always review the materials MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before cutting with HSGM equipment.