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HSG-0 w/Spiral Cord

HSGM HSG-0 w/Spiral Cord Heat Cutter - Cord extends 25 ft+/- - Hand-operated heat cutting tool to cut small quantities, recommended for short-time operation only. Suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic material to prevent fraying and unraveling. Such as synthetic fabric, fiber, cords, ropes, webbing, and belting.

Customer driven product: Comes with 10 ft. spiral cable (without plug) which stretches to approx. 25 ft. Customer's like to add their own locking plugs and it is excellent for areas where the heat cutter has to be shared between workstations.

Blades are sold separately. Recommended blades for this particular unit can be found by clicking the "Related Blades" tab below. 

H/100-SP In Stock

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Supply voltage: 110V - 60Hz

Power input: 70 Watt

Intermittent operation

Protective insulation

Cord Type: 10 ft Spiral Cord (extends approx. 25 ft). No plug. Most customer have specific locking plugs that they install.

Weight: 2.2 lbs

Heat up time: 6-8 seconds

Lights: 2 LED bulbs

Blade Tempature: Approx. 1100º F (Blades are sold separately.)

Made in Germany

Recommended diameter for round and square blades: 2mm - 10mm

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty covering manufacture defects.

Important Note:
We do not recommend cutting any type of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PVC coated materials with HSGM equipment because of the dangerous fumes it releases. We do recommend wearing a breathing filter mask while cutting any type of material with HSGM equipment. Also always review the materials MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before cutting with HSGM equipment.

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