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HSGM Type HS-S Heat Cutter Blade H/270

HSGM Type HS-S Heat Cutter Blade

$87.65 SKU: H/270
HSGM Type HS-S Heat Cutter Blade - Cutting blade with "V-shaped open mouth" heated surface which affords "top and bottom heating". Excellent blade for cutting and sealing of stronger fabrics such as awnings, sails, ground cover, netting and webbing. Also has a non-heated "foot" up front which can help guide the material up into the blade. The HS-S blade cuts similar to an open pair of scissors where you get it started and just push the blade across the material. 

Sold individually

Recommended units to power this blade:
  • HSG-0
  • HSG-1-VW
  • HSG-03-VW
  • HSG-3-VW

Total length of blade: 110mm (4.33")

Width of inside "V" area: 20mm (0.78")

Blade tip thickness: 1mm with beveled edge

Max. blade tip temperature: 1100º F

Made in Germany

Important Note: We do not recommend cutting any type of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) or PVC coated materials with HSGM equipment because of the dangerous fumes it releases. We do recommend wearing a breathing filter mask while cutting any type of material with HSGM equipment. Also always review the materials MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) before cutting with HSGM equipment.