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Engel B50 Rechargeable/Cordless Soldering Iron Set with carrying case (110V)

$195.88 SKU: L/155
The ENGEL B50 (Set) is a small rechargeable/cordless soldering iron that operates on a battery. The size of this unit is comparable to an electric tooth brush. It comes with lights to illuminate the area being soldered and it has a safety switch that allows the user to safely transport it without worrying that it will come on. The ENGEL B50 (Set) is an ideal unit for anyone out on the warehouse floor doing maintenance on a machine, hobbyist, and electronic technicians. It comes with 3 tips (B50 H, B50 D & B50 G), charging stand, screw driver, cleaning sponge and sample coil solder, in hard plastic foam-lined case. The case is fully foam-lined with cut-outs for each piece of equipment. Keeps your equipment safe and secure during transport.

220 Volt units are available by special order.

  • Off the line, rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
  • Heats up in 9 seconds
  • *) Up to 350 consecutive soldering operations if temperature is regulated by switching on and off.
  • Up to 100 soldering joints if tip is allowed to cool off and reheated for every 2 soldering joints
  • Light fittings(1 or 2 attachable by choice)
  • Fully rechargeable at night in approx. 8 hrs or during breaks.
  • Built-in charging control, overcharging is impossible.
  • Safety knob to prevent accidental operation.
  • Operational indicator.
  • Tip temperature approx. 662º F
  • Long life tip protected against erosion and oxidation.
  • No disturbing external voltage while soldering.
  • Weight: 160 g (0.35 lbs.) with carton box 510 g (1.1 lbs)

*) This figure has been obtained at 0.5 mm dia. wire of electronic components without recharging the batteries. The lighting reduces the soldering efficiency by approx. 7% per bulb. Total on-transition time per battery load is approx. 13 minutes.

Made in Germany

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty covering manufacture defects.

1 ENGEL Soldering Gun  B 50 A
1 Long Life Tip B 50 D
1 Long Life Tip  B 50 H
1 Long Life Tip B 50 G
1 Coil Solder approx.  4 g
1 Tip Cover B 50 T
2 Lights B 50 E
1 Cleaning Sponge B 50 R
1 Charging Unit B 50 L
1 Screw Driver
1 Plastic carrying case


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