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HSG-03-VW Heat Cutter (250W/110V) Primary Image

HSG-03-VW Heat Cutter (250W/110V)

sku Product SKU:  H/115

HSG-03-VW Heat Cutter  - Small unit with temperature control, suitable for a more continuous cutting operation. This unit has a stand-by temperature, the blade is pre-heated when the unit is turn on, therefore allowing quicker operation. It is designed to cut & seal synthetic fabric, cords, ropes, webbing, and belts.

The HSG-03-VW with its 250 watts is our mid-range unit for a manual production application where continuous longer and thicker material cuts are made. The more wattage in a unit helps keep the blade temperature more consistent during cuts with less cooling of the blade. The 250 watt transformer for this unit is installed in the unit box that sits on a table, making the handle lighter than our popular HSG-0. On the unit box you have an on/off switch and a dial to control the heat of the blade after the trigger is pressed. This unit comes standard with a 2 meter (6.56 ft.) cable running from the unit box to the Type M handle where the blade is installed. Install your preferred blade into the Type M handle, plug in the power cord into a 110 volt outlet, set the dial to the recommended setting for your particular blade listed in the owner’s manual, turn on the unit with the on/off switch and you're ready to cut and seal synthetic fabric/rope/webbing in a production atmosphere.

This unit is available in 220 volts as a special order. 

Blades are sold separately. Recommended blades for this particular unit can be found by clicking the "Related Blades" tab below. 

USD 1295.9900

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